5 Best Vegan Burgers in London

For years burger joints have gotten away with a feeble excuse for a vegan burger. Sad tasteless mashed potato-like patties graced the menus, making veganism the laughing stock amongst meat-eaters. Putting our poor vegan name to shame … UNTIL NOW!

From juicy bleeding Beet burgers to beautifully messy Jackfruit burgers,  places like Vurger Co, Halo burger, and even Honest Burger are serving us some of the best vegan burgers in town.
Keep on reading to find  Epic delicious Veggie burgers that’ll blow your socks off!

1. Halo BurgerPopBrixton

Let’s begin with a BANG! If you haven’t been to Halo Burger then sorry friend you’re missing out! Specialising in Beyond Meat’s ‘bleeding’ patties, this burger joint gives you that classic McDonald, Burger King junk food tastes with a plant-based twist. Taking a bite into these burgers will definitely give you a series nostalgic vibes.

What to order?
My favourite burger is ‘the Halo Burger’ which consist of 2 glorious eighth-pounder patties, topped with good ole fashion diced onions, melted American style vegan cheese, a juicy slice of tomato, lettuce and their signature house-made sauce. Did your mouth just water too?

You can’t have a proper burger without fries and I’d recommend their cheesy fries. Good Lord it’s amazing.
So check them out!

The Smoky Carolina burger is absolutely delicious!

2. Honest Burger – Brixton

Next up we have Honest Burger located, well everywhere. I know you see honest burger and you’re probably thinking, what the heck? But here me out. During veganuary 2020 honest Burger launched their second 100% plant based burger and it was the bomb!
After eating this tasty meat alternative, it’s impossible to miss meat after biting into one of these goodies.

What to order?
Easy! The Bacon Plant.
This features a Plant-based burger, THIS Isn’t Bacon, vegan smoked gouda, shoestring fries, vegan bacon ketchup, chipotle ‘mayo’, spinach and pickles with rosemary salted chips. I know sounds amazing right? It is!

They also have their original Plant Burger which is additionally just as delicious.

3. Marlis Kitchen- Delivery

If you are looking for a epic vegan fried chick’n burger then I’d definitely recommend Marlis Kitchen.
They do Catering, Street Food, Pop Ups & Events all around London, and they also offer Frozen Crispy Seitan Chick’Un Home Delivery in London and NATIONWIDE.
Her burgers are crispy and full of so much flavour, and one of the best Seitan burgers EVER!

What to order?
I’d recommend The Original VFC Burger . Guys this burger is the bomb! Topped with violife cheddar cheese, salad, Dill Pickles and they’re homemade Mango hot pepper sauce. Muy delicioso😘👌🏾

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4. Sutton and Son

Stoke Newington-based Sutton and Sons has achieved the impossible. It’s created a vegan version of the well-known Filet Fish burger which sounds, looks and taste delish.
The ”Fish” is made from Banana Blossom. For those who don’t know Banana blossom, also known as a “banana heart”, is a fleshy, purple-skinned flower, shaped like a tear, which grows at the end of a banana fruit cluster.

Sutton and Sons marinate the BB (banana blossom) in seaweed which gives it a real rich sea like flavour. Cool right?
When you bite into it, It has a heavenly crunchy texture of breaded ‘fish’ and deep, complex flavours of the sea. They are a bunch of geniuses. Pour some salt and vinegar on those chunky chips and you’ll be the happiest human in England!

5. Vurger Co

Oh, my goodness, where to even begin with this place!. They are literally one of the best vegan places in London. Our favourite is the Big Mex, a Spicy chipotle corn fritter patty topped with tomato, onions, crispy jackfruit and spicy cheesy house made queso sauce. I mean how does that not make your mouth water!
They also do a mac & cheese which looks epicly amazing! 

Vurger co

Honorable mentions

Gourmet Burgers Kitchen – ‘The Californian’

The GBK ‘Mr Bean’ burger is also a party on your taste buds!

Feral Food Store – Everything!

Biffs Jack Shack – ‘The Hunny I Shrunk’

Eat By Chole

So there you have it little chicken. Everyone can still enjoy tasty plant-based burgers of all kinds without the cruelty but with all the flavours, and 100% tastier!

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